About SP Web Design

Photo: Derek Henderson SP Web Design was founded in 1998 by freelance designer Derek Henderson, who recognized the need for low-cost websites for clients with small, restrictive budgets. His qualifications include high marks in programming, database, and web technologies courses at Boston University, certification in systems administration from the University of Illinois, and employment experience with competitive industry firms.

At SP Web Design, all coding is done by hand, avoiding the sloppy and often redundant code generated by popular web authoring programs. The result is smaller, more efficient websites which use less bandwidth, load faster, and are indexed correctly by search engines. Special emphasis is placed on accessibility and usability concerns so that all users can access the websites.

SP Web Design collaborates with BKR Services, specializing in networking and security, and Perfect Timing SoftWorks, creating custom applications for the web and PC. Together we strive to meet all your web development, networking, and applications needs.

What does the “SP” in SP Web Design stand for? It stands for “Singing Panamanian”! Mr. Henderson was born in the Republic of Panamá and is an opera singer. Thus, the name SP Web Design reflects his rich heritage and artistic background which, combined with his technical expertise, gives him a distinct ability to design attractive, functional sites.